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Radio and Television Programs for the New Era:

Listen to original recordings of the great revelations of the Spirit of the Christ of God, for example, with such titles as: “Where Your Treasure Is, There Is Your Heart” or “I Make All Things New” or “Either For Me or Against Me” or the “Divine Prophetic Healing” series, which is based on the same healing principles of Jesus of Nazareth. 


For a quiet moment of tranquility, or if you want to find yourself, then there are many meditations — also healing meditations — given by Gabriele, such as: “Assurance,” “Every Breath Is God’s Presence,” “The Cell State,” a meditative contemplation on the “Lord’s Prayer,” and many more.


Many other topics are also broadcast, for example: programs on reincarnation, the soul’s journey in the beyond, on healthy, spiritual living, on connecting with God in nature and much more. Roundtable discussions and critiques on current topics, reports on caring for and rehabilitating nature and animals, book readings and documentaries, etc.


The Free Spirit, God, the Eternal, gave and gives to us, through Gabriele, help upon help for all spheres of life! 


To watch or listen to the programs in English, check out the many options worldwide below:


Worldwide, Free Online Streaming. Sophia TV Livestream in all the major languages (Look for the flags at the top of the page) at


In North America. Sophia TV Livestream, now on ROKU! (See below for instructions to access Sophia TV on Roku)


In Europe. New Jerusalem TV:


In Spain. Alternativa TV (also worldwide) offers Sophia TV Livestream in English and inSpanish on the Alternativa TV App at your preferred App Store


In Africa. New Jerusalem Broadcasts:


In Asia (also worldwide). Sophia TV Livestream on World TV GO:


In the Philippines (also worldwide): Sophia TV Livestream on the Pzaz App (

Detailed Access Instructions:

Sophia TV on Roku (North America)

Instructions to access Sophia TV on a Roku Streaming Device:

  • Open your Roku device and click on “Channels”

  • Search for “Sophia TV”

  • Click “Add Channel”[1] … Now, Sophia TV is on your list of Channels!

(Note: This is for viewers who already have a Roku player, a RokuTV or other Roku streaming device)


Sophia TV on World TV Go (Asia & Worldwide)
Instructions to access Sophia TV on World TV GO:

  • Access the World TV GO App via your preferred App Store, or on the Web at

  • Download App to Device

  • Select your “Language” and then click on “Spiritual”

  • Search for Sophia TV

  • Click and enjoy!

(Note: you may have to create a free account with WorldTVGo to view our free stream)


Sophia TV on PzazTV (The Philippines & Worldwide)

Instructions to access Sophia TV on Pzaz:

  • Access the PzazTV App on your preferred App Store, or on the Web at

  • Search “Sophia TV”

  • Click “Explore”

  • Click “Play”

(Note: you may have to create a free account with PzazTV to view our free stream)


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