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The True School Is Life


“What is the meaning of my life?” — “Where is God?” — “Does life continue after death, and if so, how?” — “How can I feel secure in this world?” — “Why am I sick?” … 


Books and CDs have been published by the Gabriele Publishing House regarding these questions and many other topics, given through the prophetic word of God, as well as from the open consciousness of Gabriele, the teaching prophetess of God for our time.


Read and immerse yourself in the topics that interest you. For instance, learn about:

  • Divine prophecy today: How a woman of the people followed the call of the Eternal and until today serves Him as prophetess and emissary.

  • What God, the All-Intelligence, has to say to all of us today: for example, in the book The Message from the All. The Prophecy of God Today — Not the Word of the Bible, in which the recorded texts of divine revelations are given. These give warnings and insight into what goes on “behind the scenes.”

  • What really happened 2,000 years ago, and what significance does the life of Jesus of Nazareth and His Redeemer-deed have for us today?  In the work “This Is My Word. Alpha and Omega,” Christ Himself explains, corrects and deepens what has been falsified, hidden and obscured.

  • How, step by step, we can put into practice the Sermon on the Mount and the Golden Rule for life — “Do to others as you would have them do to you.

  • Where do we come from and where are we going? — Reincarnation and the continuing life of the soul in the beyond.

  • How illnesses develop and how everyone can contribute to activating the self-healing forces in themselves . . . because health, happiness and freedom lie in us.


In addition: we receive yet unknown insights into the emergence of the pure spiritual and material worlds. From the meaning of the “Big Bang” and the emergence of the Fall worlds all the way to the emergence of the New Era, and the coming of Christ and His Kingdom of Peace. We find answers to the fundamental questions of humankind, that have been unknown until today.


We also learn why a respectful, loving treatment of other living beings is so important and what we can learn from animals. And not least, how we can find our way to a positive, fulfilled life and to the All-Unity of life. 


Choose a topic and

teach yourself — for a better life

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