Did God Stop Speaking 2,000 years ago? The free spirit streams through all life and has nothing to do with cults, religions, priests or dogmas.  We are asked by churches to take for granted that God stopped speaking to human beings after Jesus of Nazareth was killed by "religious people" two millennia ago.  Churches then ask us to turn toward priests, pastors and "intermediaries" to guide us, but priests of all religions say "God is a mystery" But is He?  God holds nothing back because He has no secrets.


Christ Speaks Again. Through the prophetic word in our time, God-Father and the Christ of God, who was incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth 2,000 years ago, speaks again through a prophetess and spiritual ambassador, whose earthly name is Gabriele and who lives as a sister and interpreter for us here on Earth.  Through countless revelations given over the past five decades, God, the Universal Creator Spirit, and the Christ of God, our Redeemer, speak to us directly and openly with no mysteries or filters. They teach us about the power of prayer, reincarnation and the cycle of cause and effect. They give help for each person as we seek to overcome our past and free ourselves from pain, suffering and longing.  They lovingly call us Home.


Why are We Here?  We human beings are merely guests on this Earth, to learn and grow closer to our origin, to God, the inner light which resides in our true being.  Earth is a school for our souls, which have taken on human bodies to become divine again.  Every day is an opportunity to develop higher ethics and morals within us, for example, the characteristics of unity, equality, freedom, brotherly-sisterliness and justice. An aspect of freedom is free will -- how we spend our day is up to us, but we can be assured we are not alone.


Everything is Energy.  Do we ever ask ourselves how we spend the energy we have for a given day?  From where and how do we seek additional energies to keep going -- and from whom?  Here, an excerpt from the book Live the Moment, And You Will See and Know Yourself:


"If we are not alert and do not live consciously in the day and in the day's occurrences, but outside of it - in the past or in the future - then we waste our life and increasingly lose our physical energy. Then only as much divine energy will flow to us as is necessary to keep the body alive." 


The True School is Life.  Inspired by the words and guidance from our true home, this can mean changes and improvements for our life and in how we live every day -- every hour and every moment, but only if we want them.  Another question for us: How do we treat each other? How do we treat nature and the animals?


When we take a step toward God, the goodness in all things, God in return takes many steps toward us. For we are in God, and God is in us. And God never lets go of His children.

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Books for Life -- Spiritual Books to Learn From

The Gabriele Publishing House – The Word publishes the prophetic word of this time, given through Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God, in the form of books, writings, CDs and DVDs. The word of the Free Universal Spirit has been offered for over 40 years through a fullness of divine revelations, schoolings and explanations to the people of all cultures, as a guide for a responsible life.


The prophetic word of today connects with Original Christianity, with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and His Sermon on the Mount, as well as the Ten Commandments of God through Moses. The teachings and the word of the Universal Spirit, are free of tradition and external religions. The Free Spirit, the All-Cosmic Being, the Life, is not the word of the churches. Serving in this spirit, some books at the Gabriele Publishing House –The Word also include clarification on the abuse of the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Goto www.Gabriele-Publishing-House.com


Radio and TV -- For a New Era 

Radio Santec – Sophia TV is a free and independent of every religion station that was founded in 1999.

The content of the programs deals with the most varying spheres of life from the perspective of high ethical moral values based on the Free Spirit, the highest Intelligence, given for the peoples of all cultures.

From this, we gain respect and tolerance, as well as the lack of violence and respect for nature and animals. These values are based on the Ten Commandments and on the universal ethics of the Nazarene, and are a help in developing the awareness that we are all children of the one God, the Free Spirit, irrespective of the names we give Him.

The programs are aired in several languages and are offered to all interested people free of charge.

 Goto https://Radio-Santec.com/