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Dear Readers, Dear Friends,

December generally is a month of stress and hectic pace, but there comes a moment when we long to fix a hot drink and warm ourselves by the fire to keep the cold winter season outside our door. During these quiet moments, there is nothing better than to take a fine book in hand and learn something that can help us look back on the year and gain a perspective for the New Year with strength and even the desire to change some things that give more meaning for our life. For this, the books we offer can be an invaluable help!

So take a few moments and look through our offers!

This Is My Word

This Is My Word
A and Ω

The Gospel of Jesus
The Christ-Revelation, which true
Christians the world over have
come to know

This encompassing Christ revelation goes way beyond the contents of the Bible. It is a complete overview of what was and what is – and of what will be. Building on an existing gospel text, The Gospel of Jesus, Christ, Himself, through Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God, reveals details of His incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth.
Contents: Childhood and youth of Jesus – Falsification of the teachings of Jesus during the past 2000 years – Jesus taught about the law of cause and effect – Prerequisites for healing the body – Jesus taught about marriage – “Eternal damnation” is a mockery of God – Jesus exposed the scribes and Pharisees as hypocrites – Jesus loved the animais and always championed them – and much, much more.

Includes a short autobiography of Gabriele
Softbd., 1078 pp., Order No. S007en,
ISBN: 978-1-890841-38-6,

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Who Was Jesus of Nazareth?

Who Was
Jesus of Nazareth?

His Childhood And Youth

The descriptions about His life on earth as Jesus of Nazareth touch our hearts and are a symbol for mankind.

Softbd., 80 pp., Order No. S170 en,
ISBN: 978-1-890941-71-3,
$ 6.00

God In Us?

The Free Spirit
God in Us

There is a lot of talk about God and a lot is written – but who knows the truth? So, who can say such a thing? A person who experiences God in herself – Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God in our time.
She lives in God and has given His word of truth for 40 years. Here, we receive help so that we can prove for ourselves that God exists and that He dwells in us. And so, each person can experience God for himself, thus gaining the joy and certainty that God is in each one of us. He is present in all things.

Softbound, 76 pp., Order No. S179 en,
ISBN 978-3-89201-793-6,
$ 6.95

The Speaking All Unity

The Speaking

The Word of the Universal
A Cosmic Work of Teaching
and Learning from the
School of Divine Wisdom

Have you always had the feeling of being connected to a higher power, but not to a religion, because the teachings were inconsistent, because your questions were not answered or because the religious words and the deeds did not appear to be in accord? This book will make it possible for you to develop a new image of God. From the Big Bang to the question of why there are addictions, murder and natural disasters, you will find answers to the questions which denominational teachings leave unanswered.

Hardbd., 382 pp., Order No. S173 en,
ISBN 978-1-890841-33-1,


Special Offers
The Path of Forgetting

The Path of Forgetting

The Microcosm in the Macrocosm

Everything that we feel, think, say and do as human beings is not only continuously stored in the microcosm, the human being, but is in constant communication with further memory sources in the coarse-material macrocosm and beyond that, in a finer-material macrocosm. What does this mean for us? Find out and gain a new lease on life!

Softbound, 112 pp., Order No. S348 en,
ISBN: 978-3-89201- 807-0,

Astral Horror

Astral Horror

This side of life and the beyond are not separate. In its cell structure, as well as in the particle structure of its soul, the human being stores the “positives and negatives” of its particular character imprint. So the human being, himself, determines whether he burdens his body as well as his soul or liberates them from the negative. How does this affect the soul in the beyond and what can be done about it?

Softbound, 124 pp., Order No. S340 en,
ISBN: 978-3-89201- 806-3,
$ 9.95

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What should have been kept
hidden from you


Life’s Gift of Grace

Where does the journey of my soul go?

Softbd., 80 pp.,
Order No. S380 en,
$ 7.00

Living and Dying in Order to Keep Living

The Contemporary DEATH

Living and Dying in Order
to Keep on Living

Everyone Dies for Himself Alone.

Softbd., 144 pp.,
Order No. S368 en,

Where Did I Come From and Where Am I Going?

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Where Did I Come From –
Where Am I Going?

Life after Death, the Journey of Your Soul

Softbd., 76 pp., Order No. S407 en,
$ 5.00 (value free for you)

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Live The Moment

Live the Moment

And You Will See and Know Yourself

58 pp., Order No. S315 en,
ISBN: 978-1-890841-54-6,
$ 6.00

What You Think And Say, Shows Who You Are

What You Think and Say –
How You Dine
and What You Eat, Shows
Who You Are

Softbd., 98 pp.,
Order No. S135 en,
$ 5.00

God Heals

God Heals

Healing by the Spirit of God without Medicines or Herbal Substances

64 pp., Order No. S309 en,
$ 5.00

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