War and Violence

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The condition of our world shows us who we human beings are: war, murder, manslaughter, hunger,
suffering, disease, pestilence, animal torture without end, and then we ask - Where is God?

(The Free Spirit - God in Us, pp. 9)

September 22, 2014 MintPress New:
The US is now involved in 134 wars

September 24, 2015 The Nation:
US Special Operations forces have already deployed to 135 nations, according to Ken McGraw, a spokesman for Special Operations Command (SOCOM). That’s roughly 70 percent of the countries on the planet.

February 20, 2015 WashingtonsBlog:
America Has Been At War 93% of the Time-222 Out of 239 Years-Since 1776

June 13, 2016 New York Times:
Mass shooting in Orlando ... 49 killed in a single attack. … The Orlando massacre was one of 43 shootings on June 12, 2016… In the United States 27 people are shot dead every day of the year.

The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God

The Rehabilitation of the
Christ of God

“You shall not kill!” – this is the clear commandment of God. Jesus of Nazareth spoke just as unmistakably against killing. ... He taught not only the love for God and neighbor, He even taught love of enemy, and asked Peter, who wanted to defend Him by force, to put his sword away. The Roman Catholic Church, however, was already blessing the swords and soldiers during the first millennium and had people brutally murdered during the Crusades. In the name of Jesus, the Christ, the institutional churches again and again justified taking up the sword – right into the present time. ...

The institutional churches, which claim to be the sole binding moral authority for the people, have draped the cloak “Christian” around themselves – and nevertheless they have preached violence, death and damnation throughout the centuries, and frequently have themselves caused the worst dreadfulness of all to break over mankind: war, again and again war, right up to this very day. ...

God Wills It

A well-known expert on church history, Karlheinz Deschner, writes in his 10-volume work, “The Criminal History of Christianity”: Since Constantine, hypocrisy and violence have been the hallmark of the history of the Church, mass murder became the practice of a religion. To kill one person was strictly forbidden, to kill thousands was a God- pleasing work. (p. 226)

The Speaking All Unity

The Speaking All-Unity

A person’s five components, with which he works, day in, day out, are the content of his feeling, sensing, thinking, speaking and acting. When we analyze the present time and this generation more closely, then we realize that these five components have

Are we a loaded weapon?

become warfare agents, weapons, which are directed against the sender. ...
Human beings think unceasingly. Our thoughts are the primary warfare agent in our “weapons arsenal.” With their content, which often builds up in pictorial sequences, we fabricate the warfare agent, which is ultimately directed against ourselves. If we realize that we build up weapons arsenals with our feelings, sensations, thoughts and words and if we realize that everything is energy and no energy is lost, we will also understand how things can go so far that our planet Earth is armed everywhere with weapon systems of every kind. Seven billion people feel, sense, think, speak and act every day, every hour, every minute, every second, yes, every instant. According to the content of the five components, corresponding energies are released. ...

The Free Spirit, God In Us

The Free Spirit, God In Us

Each one of us is the temple of God, and God, the almighty, omnipresent power, dwells in us. When we go for a walk, God is in everything, because He is omnipresent. This means: communication with the life, which is God. Anyone who refers to the teachings of Jesus, should actually be a peaceable, God-conscious person, who cherishes the Earth and everything that lives in it, on it and over it, and shows respect for the life.

There is no God of the priests

We live in the great stream of life, which encompasses elements, nature, animals and people, and yet, often we do not know where our Creator is, the Creator of heaven and of earth, the Creator of nature, of the animals – God is in all things. An essential step is taken when we no longer seek, but become aware that everything is the great unity, which is: GOD. ... People frequently ask: How can we reach Him?” The Christ of God in Jesus of Nazareth gave us a wonderful path that leads inward to the very basis of our soul. It is the communication of the heart, by way of which each person can build a living connection to the eternal Spirit within.

Animals Lament, The Prophet Denounces

Animals Lament
The Prophet Denounces

The animal laments:
Do you human being think that we do not sense what is about to happen to us when you cram us into wagons to take us to the slaughterhouse? Do you know the horror, the fright, the panic of that which surpasses all comprehension? ... Do you still feel at all what it means to be delivered into the hands of super-powerful domineering people in order to be killed? Many people have become harbingers of horror, with brutal violence, coldness and mercilessness glittering in their eyes. We are afraid ofthose who ought to love the Earth and everything it bears – the life.
The prophet denounces:
The feelings and sensations of humans are energy, just as thoughts, words and actions are. These energies do not simply dissipate. They remain in those who have created them. The creators, for instance, the perpetrators, but also the accomplices of animal tormentors and murderers will feel it in their own bodies according to the law: What a person sows, he will reap.... The meat of tormented fellow creatures is permeated with their fright, their misery, their pain, their despair, their horror. Cooking the meat will not dissolve these energies and make them vanish. The energies are absorbed in the intestines of meat-eaters and affect other parts of the body, for example, blood, nerves, muscles, organs, bodily fluids and the temperament of the person as well. ... As a soul in the beyond, what was done to the animals by the person, directly or indirectly, the soul will have to learn from in the beyond. It becomes a reality that must be expiated in suffering. ... (pp. 123-24)

As long as there are slaughter houses there will always be battlefields
This Is My Word

This Is My Word
Alpha & Omega

The Gospel of Jesus

The Christ Revelation which
True Christians The World Over
Have Come to Know

Much envy and grief came into this world because of the wealthy; even wars were instigated by the power-hungry rich who wanted to demonstrate their power and increase their prestige. Whole nations often had to suffer from such lust for power and tyranny; for through wars, famine, grief, illness and epidemics came to the nations. which suffered under their rulers and leaders. Even in times of need, many of the wealthy enriched themselves, whereas the poor became even poorer. Through armament and war, some became even richer, while a great part of the people lived on under the constraint of the yoke and of oppression. (page 538-9) As long as there is no peace in man himself, there will be blood sacrifices — whether in wars or through disasters. When people have found their way to inner peace, there will be neither wars nor disasters and no more bloodshed either. (page 808)

You Shall Not Kill and World Religions

You Shall Not Kill
and World Religions

The commandment "You Shall Not Kill" is known in all cultures and beliefs - however differently interpreted. Why? This documentary treats the question: What are the teachings in the major world religions today? Are they taught and conveyed today as they were originally given?


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