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There, you can listen and see what the programming for that day is, or even download the App on your smartphone or tablet! And listen to wonderful spiritual discussions, readings, meditations, thoughts for the day, concert music and much more! A wealth of help for everyone!

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Click on the English flag. To the left is the link for listening to the programs of Radio Santec. To the right is the link for watching the programs of Radio Santec / Sophia TV.
Enjoy the programs and let us hear from you!

Radio Santec / Sofia TV
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The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God

The one-of-a-kind work that uncovers a myriad of facts,
giving the spiritual reasons behind the abuse of the name
of Jesus, the Christ, by way of external religions.

Order your free excerpts on different topics covered: In these excerpts you learn about some of the facets of the abuse of the name of Jesus, the Christ – particularly the distortion and falsification of His original teaching with its devastating consequences for mankind and for the whole Earth.

  • Dogmas and Tenets of Faith –
    Bulwark of the Church Hierarchy against the Free Spirit
  • Dependency through “Sacraments”
  • The Tradition of the Church: Disdain and Suppression of the Woman
  • The War against the Animals and the Crimes against Creation
  • The Abysmal Depths of Martin Luther

And, visit: Click on the English flag
and watch the TV series

“The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God” that was broadcast on
hundreds of television stations worldwide!

Free excerpts from the book The Rehabilitation of the Christ of God
This Is My Word

This Is My Word. Alpha and Omega.

God, the Free Spirit, is the speaking God. Throughout the history of mankind, He sent His messengers, the great prophets of God, to bring His word to the people. Experience the work of the Christ of God today, in a time when weapons and military deployment are intended to create security and peace. But many people are no longer satisfied with superficial answers and repetitive sermons, not to mention a shrugged shoulder accompanied by the words, “It’s part of the mysteries of God.”

In His word of revelation at this time, given through Gabriele, His prophetess and emissary, Christ Himself, the Spirit of Truth, explains His teaching in detail as well as the events and occurrences of His life on Earth – and much more!

Discover the truth about Jesus, the Christ, and about His teachings:

  • about His childhood and youth
  • about the meaning and purpose of life on Earth
  • about the law of cause and effect
  • about the prerequisite for the healing of the body
  • about the nature of God
  • about the church doctrine of “eternal damnation”
  • about His relationship to the animals
  • about death, reincarnation and life
  • about the equality of men and women
  • about the true significance of
    Redeemer-deed of Christ
  • and much, much more!

Order the excerpts of this one-of-a-kind book WITH topics such as:

  • War and Peace
  • There Is No Eternal Damnation
  • Why the Crucifixion of Jesus?
  • Healing that Comes from Within
  • The Raising of the Dead
  • The Hidden Love of Jesus for the Animals
Free Newsletter Excerpts from the book This Is My Word

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