July 2016 Newsletter


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Concerts on behalf of nature and animals on the land of the International Gabriele Foundation and on behalf of the unique building project “The Tent of God among the People for All Nations of this Earth.”


Saturday, July 16, 19:30 Hours

Roses of the Classics

With harp, oboe and string orchestra

Saturday, July 30, 19:30 Hours

Piano Soirée

Master Works of the Classics
Surrounding the piano and string orchestra

Saturday, August 13, 19:30 Hours

Mediterranean Serenade

From delicate sounds to Spanish air,
With guitar, violins and string orchestra

Saturday, September 10, 19:30 Hours

A Concert for Summer’s End

From Concerto Grosso to Symphonic
Pearls of the Romantic Period

In the great hall of the Sophia Library
Max-Braun-Straße 2, 97828 Marktheidenfeld-Altfeld, Germany


With your donation you support:

  • Nature and Animals on the Land of the International Gabriele Foundation. According to the guiding thought “Helping Animals – Saving Lives,” the International Gabriele Foundation creates habitats for animals and helps animals in need. Won’t you join us in this effort?
  • “The Tent of God Among the People for All Nations of this Earth.” Won’t you help us build? Information on this is available in the Sophia Library and on the concert evenings.

Entrance Fee: € 45.00 Singles - € 15.00 Students
Free for children under 12 accompanied by an adult


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Benefit Concert Reservations: +49.9391-504-737
Overnight Accommodations: +49.9391-504-134

www.sophia-spessarthäuser.de (Then, click on the English flag.)

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The Rehabilitation Of the Christ of God

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