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"Stress & Addiction"
Programs of addiction -
where do they come from and how do we overcome them?

The Youth and the Prophet

The Youth
and the Prophet

The Voice of the Heart,
the Eternal Truth,
the Eternal Law of God

Fundamental Issues of Our

Time to Think About and

Serve in Self-Recognition

Excerpt: When a person has no ethical-moral values left, when his basic needs are power, prestige, wealth, physical gratification through sex, gluttony, drunkenness, all the way to drug abuse, then he usually loses the ability to sense what is right or wrong. Everything is okay for the person who turns off his feelings. ... What’s important is that the drug is right ... If such perversions are nurtured ... then programs of addiction develop ... He is then controlled by his addictions ... Once the subconscious is so filled that it dominates the consciousness, that is, when it has become autonomous, then these programs of lust and addiction become compulsive. The person is then driven to multiply these addictions. This often goes so far that he is hardly able to put a stop to these vices any longer. The resulting excesses can then be theft, drug addiction, brutality, violence against children or in sexuality and much more. Learn how a purposeful work on the consciousness and the subconscious can bring about the dissolution of these autonomous programs ...

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Without an ethical basis, programs of lust and addiction can lead to the loss of conscience.

  • ABC News, Apr/11:
    Prescription painkiller use at record high for Americans

  • Health Impact News, Apr/16:
    Prescription drugs now kill more people than illegal drugs

  • CNN.com, Apr/16:
    Alarming rate of drug over-doses in Sacramento area

  • WMUR.com, Apr/16:
    In NH in 2015 400 people die from drug overdose – in 2016 it is at an epidemic level
Astral Horror

Astral Horror

Excerpt: People who believe in a higher existence that we call Creator or God, should be aware that this side of life and the beyond are not separate. What this means for our life now, here on the Earth, and for our future life in the beyond, is described by Gabriele. But she also gives the solution:

Pay attention, may we all pay attention to the content of everything that we utter and what we want and do. We transfer everything, but really everything, to our soul. A request to us all: Turn back, let us all turn back! Let us turn away from everything that is impure, from everything that besets us and that is against every kind of higher ethics and morals! Do not allow yourself, let us not allow ourselves, to be tempted and seduced! Let us take good care of our body and of our soul; for, as mentioned, just as we are today as a human being, we could, perhaps, be as a soul already tomorrow. For none of us human beings know when it is his last hour.

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Are You Who You Think You Are?

Are You
Who You Think
You Are?


We people know – mostly pretty exactly – who we think we are. But it would be important to know who we really are behind the mostly positively arranged façade of daily life, for the aspects of our true identity which we keep hidden from others and even from ourselves, radiate out and bring about our blows of fate – when we do not recognize them in good time and clear them up.

The reader of this little book will discover how inordinately interesting it can be to get to know oneself. If he then accepts this help, many a thing in his life can be changed to the positive...

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Includes a CD – Music for Contemplation


I Explain - Will You Join Me?

Excerpt: A person has free will. Day by day, he decides anew what he intends to make of his life. The soul may very well influence the person via his genes, but the person himself decides what to make of his life: a free, selfless life or a life that vegetates away and is a captive of its own fate. ... Whatever is stored in the soul and in the genes flows into the person’s life, into his world of thoughts.

Now it is up to the person what kind of thoughts he decides for: for human thoughts, which are against God – or for divine thoughts, which bring him a light-filled, free and healthy life. ... In every situation of life in which the person has to decide, he receives God’s help: It is effective via the conscience, into which your guardian spirit also gives impulses.

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Three Meditations

Three Meditations


A New Beginning

The First Commandment of God

The Second and Third Command-ments of God

90 min., V001en, $ 12.00

Don't Let Go

Don’t Let Go!
A Meditative Contemplation

In you is the eternal life, and the eternal life is love, kind-ness, help, support; it is the eternally present God, the All-One ... Don’t let go, no matter how dark the day is, how dismal the hours that often seem to be hopeless. Awaken assurance in prayer, awaken the little light in you.

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Drops of Life

Drops of Life

It is the Spirit of our Father who calls us. He calls us to become drops of life, because His Son, our Redee-mer, builds a new heaven and creates a new Earth. He calls us to become drops of love, of kindness and of mercy, drops that unite and rain down into this world. These drops of life that we become is a mighty gain for ourselves and for the many who seek, despairingly.

24 min., V100en, $ 6.00

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